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Sexual Energy Transmutation
By: Jay Onwukwe  
The secret path to Health, Wealth and Genius...
The Wealth Secrets You Must Know Before 40
By: Jay Onwukwe  
Becoming rich requires no miracle and no magic only the knowledge and application of basic natural Laws, ancient Wisdom,...
Video Recording Snooker and Billiards
By: William Kent  
How to video record snooker and billiards matches for viewing via YouTube....
By: Bob Simmonds  
BOB BOOK 05, waiting for Gods assassin, is an honest account about the trials and tribulations of coping with the early years of retirement....
2014 California Bar Exam Primer Outlines
By: California Bar Tutors  
2014 California Bar Exam Primer Outlines & Checklists eBook...
2014 California Bar Exam California Outlines
By: California Bar Tutors  
2014 California Bar Exam California Outlines eBook...
2014 California Bar Exam Multi-State Outlines
By: California Bar Tutors  
2014 California Bar Exam Multi-State Outlines eBook...
Billiard Room Etiquette
By: William Kent  
Whether playing socially or in competition, all players need to be aware of billiard room etiquette employed and expected almost everywhere that cue s...
2014 California Bar Exam Total Preparation eBook
By: California Bar Tutors  
2014 California Bar Exam Total Preparation eBook...
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New Online Service for Exclusive eBooks    
The Addmine book store provides everything an author needs to advertise, sell and manage secure eBook subscriptions. Unlike other protected book solutions, Addmine books uses the most secure copy protection to ensure that the author*s livelihood is properly protected from all copy and that books cannot be forwarded and shared by persons who have not paid ...
Traditional vs. Agile Environmment    
How much does an agile project management software differ from a traditional project management software? On short: pretty much. But on the other side both types of products have many things in common. Many say that agile is not a project management methodology but rather a product development methodology. But in many cases the companies prefer to treat t...
Cloud Computing, Storage and Project Management    
The demand for distributed data and services is increasing as big companies are more and more spread across the world. Smaller companies are also starting to use distributed systems once the prices have lowered due to the increase of such offerings. As many other domains project management is also embracing this new wave. Cloud services are raging from si...
Social Media Blamed For Increased Teen Delinquency    
QUEENSLAND*S top judge has blamed social media for *divorcing young people from the reality of day-to-day life* as new statistics show 15-19-year-olds commit the most crimes of any age group. A post-mortem of national crime released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics yesterday showed the majority of Queensland offenders were mostly sticky-fingered tee...
The Difference Between Making It and Faking It    
ArtistScope, the pioneer and innovator of every worthwhile copy protection solution since 1998, still provides the most secure copy protection and today offers a variety of solutions for the protection of all media from copy, capture, recording and unauthorized sharing. What ArtistScope started has grown into an industry that includes a diverse range of p...
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CopySafe PDF is the most secure solution for distributing copy protected PDF files and the only solution that can copy protect PDFs from all avenues of copy including Printscreen and screen capture. DU Meter can monitor your Internet usage and download allowance. A powerful and user-friendly tool that provides an accurate account of the data which is flowing through your computer's network connection at any given moment.


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